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Course Outline

Innovation has become a 'buzz word’ in today’s world of business.
Even though nowadays there is wide consensus about the pivotal role of innovation for the further growth and success of enterprises, there is still very little comprehensive guide for organization leaders, especially small and medium sized enterprises, on how to incorporate innovation in their business strategy.

The workshop revolves around the idea that innovation is a specific instrument of entrepreneurship, not only for big corporations but for SME's as well. The workshop has a highly interactive approach and aims to develop entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and skills, and to provide practical tools to execute disruptive strategies to help entrepreneurs and company managers to become more innovative and to succeed.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the  entrepreneurial mind-set and the most commonly cited characteristics found in successful entrepreneurs
  • ​Establish and develop entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills
  • Discuss emergent forms of entrepreneurship and identify specialized types of "impact-driven" enterprises
  • Explain the role of innovation in today's competitive business environment
  • Define the term disruptive innovation and how it creates new markets and value networks
  • Assess the impact of disruptive innovation in today's industries and business sectors
  • Apply disruptive strategies to introduce new products/services/processes or to implement changes in existing business models.

Target Audience

SME managers, marketing staff, product/service developers, (startup) entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning more about entrepreneurship & innovation.

Key Topics

The key topics covered in the course are:

Session 1 - Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurial fundamentals
  • Management skills versus entrepreneurial skills
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills to succeed
  • The role of creativity and innovation in today's competitive business environment
  • Emergent forms of entrepreneurs

Session 2 - Innovation and disruptive strategies:

  • Types and degrees of innovation
  • Disruptive innovation and changing industries
  • Disruptive methods and strategies
  • Blue Ocean strategy
  • Developing an innovation implementation plan


Participants need to complete group assignments successfully.

A Certificate of Participation is awarded if the workshop is successfully fulfilled.

Course Fee in Aruban Florins

Per participant: AFl. 195.=

Includes: course material, handouts, snacks, light lunch, coffee and refreshments.

Location and Dates

Location: EC&T Office & Training Facility (Newtonstraat 1-A)

Next workshop dates: Saturday March 21, 2020 and Saturday March 28, 2020 

Workshop length: 2 days
Time: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

We reserve the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.

Discount Plans and Cancellation Policies

We offer discount plans for group bookings and in-house course and workshop facilitation. Click here for details about our discount plans and cancellation policies.



​​Length:           2 days

Effort:             Active participation

Level:              Beginner

Language:     English, Dutch or

                          Papiamento *

Exam:             None

​Credits:          N/A

Fee:                 AFl.   195.=